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Recently the NYC Attorney General’s office took some supplement samples off of store shelves, tested
them, and found that there was a big difference between their ingredient claims and the actual contents. The next thing we knew, the news was full of stories about supplements being a farce, a waste of money, and even a danger.

This led to a lot of consumers and doctors questioning both the efficacy and safety of supplements.

Today I’m talking with my dear friend, and a true wonder woman Dr. Tieraona Low Dog. If there's a natural medicine superhero on this planet, it is this woman. We’ve known each other for 25 years now and have an incredible amount of life in common. This mama really walks the talk, growing her own food, living with animals in the home she built with her husband. Today we’re talking about supplements: whether we need them, the role of supplements in women’s health and health in general, how we can use food as medicine, and when you can actually use supplements. And we'll talk about how important is as women to take care of ourselves, cell to soul.

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“Herbs are more complicated than vitamins or minerals.” – Tieraona Low Dog

Show Notes:

  • Why DNA testing of supplements isn’t perfect
  • Why Americans need to supplement their diet
  • The vitamin shortages in the U.S. population
  • What approach Dr. Low Dog would take to depression
  • How to look at the causes of depression and anxiety
  • Why we need to think about preventing issues in the next generation

“Let’s think about if we want to pay the farmer now or the pharmacist later.” – Tieraona Low Dog

  • How to get more fermented foods in your diet
  • What happens when you take antibiotics
  • Why you aren’t destined to get your parents’ genes
  • What supplements Dr. Low Dog recommends for women
  • The issues with non-GMO foods, unfortified foods, and more
  • Why you need to diversify your diet
  • What rules to follow about what you put in your body
  • Dr. Low Dog’s advice for making life your best medicine

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“Nothing in our history, nothing in our biology has prepared us for the last 60 years of food which is highly refined, highly processed, highly convenient, and nutrient depleted.” – Tieraona Low Dog

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I absolutely love Tieraona, her books, and this episode-- thank you so much!

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One of the best podcasts I have ever heard. Love you both!

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Aviva and Tieraona, this was an amazing podcast! Very informative, enlightening, and inspiring. Thank you!

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Loved every minute. Thank you for the information.

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I was listening to this in the car with my teenagers. They were actually listening!! I would LOVE to hear a podcast about basic nutrition, something teens would "hear" and understand. Make them think twice about eating so much sugar etc. Thanks so much for all your amazing work!

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    Megan Liebmann

    Hi Heidi, This is Megan from Dr. Aviva's team. This is a wonderful idea and I will surly run it by Aviva! Thank you for the suggestion and for the wonderful feed back. Warmly, Megan- Aviva Romm’s Executive Assistant and Online Nutrition Expert

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Alison Price

I agree, one of the best podcasts I've heard. LOVED IT !! My husband loved it too !! Thank you so much for sharing !

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Chaya Aronson

I have been listening religiously to Aviva's podcasts, and this one has been my absolute favorite. It made me want to sit in Tieraona's living room and drink tea with her and talk with her about all the wild mysteries of the universe. I especially loved the tenderness and rawness of her sharing her experience of incredibly painful urination and how she mothered herself in those moments. Totally inspiring! Thank you Aviva!

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    Thank you Chaya. Yes, tea with T - sounds lovely :)

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Martha Fasse

I have been following Dr Tierona Low Dog since she first spoke and the Atlanta Hinman meeting and attend all her lectures.This was a fantastic podcast with a generous amount of information for all. I am trilled to come across your podcast and have subscribed today. Keep up improving our lives. Thanks Martha