Natural MD Radio: Is Detox a Real Thing? Understanding Body Burden


Every day it seems there is a new detox program or cleanse promising to help us get healthier, slimmer, sexier. But what led us to believe that we needed to get ‘cleaner' or to detox? Is detoxification a real thing?

Listen in to this episode where I discuss:

  • detoxification and the difference between this and common ‘detoxes'
  • the environmental exposures that we should be aware of
  • the origins and effects of toxic chemicals in our environment
  • what you can do to protect yourself and your children
  • and why we have to be the ones to do this for ourselves.


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Show Notes

  • What is body burden
  • Detox versus detoxification
  • Are cleanses, detoxes, and coffee enemas healthy
  • Healthy eating vs. orthorexia
  • What environmental toxins effect women and children
  • How environmental chemicals can cause obesity
  • Can endocrine disruptors affect the next generation
  • How the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fails to protect us

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I love your content but my life is busy. 1) Is there any way to run the podcast player at 1.5 to 2 times the regular speed? 2) Also, are there transcripts of the podcasts?

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    Tracy Romm

    Hi Michael, Our player doesn't have the capacity to increase the speed, but if you listen through Itunes Podcasts or Google Podcasts, you should be able to. Unfortunately we do not supply transcripts at this time.