Natural MD Radio: What’s Sasha Fierce Got to Do With It?

Did you know that on average it takes up to five years for a woman struggling with the symptoms of an autoimmune disease to get an accurate diagnosis? The current medical model has been statistically shown to dismiss and ignore women's voices and create an environment in which we feel uncomfortable speaking up about our symptoms and health concerns. Thousands of women have written to me with stories not just of being medically dismissed, but medically mistreated.

So how can we change this story? In today’s episode of Natural MD Radio I share with you my top tips for learning to speak up and overcome the gender bias that’s inherent in medicine. These practical tips will help you feel more confident going into your next appointment, know when it’s time to make the tough call of breaking up with a provider who doesn’t support you, and cultivate your own version of Sasha Fierce as your go-to health care advocate.


Show Notes

  • What is medical gender bias?
  • Why is it hard for women to speak up to their doctors?
  • Why women health care professionals are not immune to the problem
  • The special case of invisible illness
  • Dr. Aviva’s top tips for getting what you want from a medical encounter
  • How to know when it’s time to break up with your doctor

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You da woman, doc! I hope I can remeber this when I get my ND.

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Thank you. Every woman needs to hear this!! You have hit the nail on the head in the way you say this in "lay person " terms. So important and if people are patient enough to listen & absorb WILL be life changing for them. Great job!!

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Teresa V

Amazing podcast! I didn’t speak up when my doctor said you need a c-section with my 1st pregnancy but when I got pregnant again, the first thing I told her was, I wasn’t having another c-section & if she wasn’t on board with my decision, I was getting another ob/gyn! Needless to say I had a VBAC with her as my doctor!