Natural MD Radio: How Detoxification Really Works

I'm sure that you've heard of different detox programs – and perhaps you've even tried one. Conventional medicine and wellness ‘quack-busters' criticize these detoxes, sometimes for good reason – not are all based on solid and safe principles.

But did you know that detoxification is different than the term detox and is a real and important process our bodies do every single day?

Last week I shared about the hazards of environmental toxins in our bodies, and the week before on the possible risks of detoxes and cleanses to your thyroid. In this episode I talk about what detoxification really means, how it works, and why it's so important to be intentional about it in these times.

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Show Notes

  • The physical symptoms and health complications can be associated with ‘body burden'
  • Pesticides that are related to learning problems in children
  • What's causing early puberty in girls
  • How a detox is different from metabolic detoxification
  • It is worth the price to eat organic – and how to do it on a budget
  • The role of genetics in our detoxification power
  • Is Tylenol safe to use during pregnancy and early vaccinations
  • The dynamic duo of detoxification and elimination
  • The role of intestinal health and the microbiome in detoxification

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So informative! What a wonderful speaker you are Dr. Romm You take the boring out of science. Thank you for all the information and for clearing up so many gray areas when it comes to nutrition and symptom diagnosis. What a wonder you are!!!!

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Pamela Locke

I can't seem to find the picture of the liver referenced in this episode. I don't see it here and the link\91 does not work.

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    Tracy Romm

    Hi Pamela, Sorry about that. Try