Natural MD Radio: Detoxification – Does What You Eat Matter?

Today, in the third episode in the Natural MD Radio series on detoxification, I explain what ‘food as medicine’ really means and show you “the why” behind your body's need for specific nutrients to support detoxification.

I also teach you about the word ‘phytonutrient’  – perhaps one of the most important food words to know to help you stay optimally healthy in today’s world.  And I share which foods are the ‘powerhouses' for these nutrients.

PLUS, as a special gift, you get access to the Natural MD Detoxification Foods Guide. It’s totally FREE and you can use it to bolster up your next grocery shop with all the nutrient-rich foods I talk about in the podcast – and more! Download your copy here – no sign-up required.

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Show Notes

  • What ‘food as medicine' really means
  • The relationship between food and detoxification
  • The phases of liver detoxification
  • What phytonutrients are and why are they important
  • How modern life affects our nutrition
  • The phytonutrient gap
  • How do today's foods stack up against our ancestors'
  • How do commercial fruits and vegetables compare to organic
  • Do we need to take supplements
  • How to use herbs and spices to support digestion

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Paxton Ruzicka

Hi! I'm looking for the Phases of Liver Detoxification chart you refer to, I'm not seeing it. Can you guide me in the right direction?

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    Tracy Romm

    Hi Paxton. That was my error. I will get that up on the page shortly.

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Hi there! I love this podcast, and I'm particularly loving this series on detoxification -- the deep science is so awesome!!!!! I always tell friends that nutrition is the only medicine that really makes sense to me bc it's the only thing that can get at the root of the chemical reactions our bodies do 24/7/365 to survive! I'm a biochem nerd ;) I came over here to check out the liver diagram you're talking about in the episode, but I'm not seeing it. Can you direct me?

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    Tracy Romm

    Hi Elizabeth. That was my error. I will get that up on the page shortly.

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Fantastic episode! I can not find the links you mentioned in the podcast. Also, have you done a blog about whole food support for those struggling with type 2 diabetes and holistic alternatives to drugs like metformin?

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    Tracy Romm

    Try Not a blog specifically on that topic, but her book - The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution - could be very helpful.

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    Tracy Romm

    Try We just discovered that until we hit 100 episodes, we need to add the zero. The link must be 3 digits!