Natural MD Radio: Could You Have Histamine Intolerance?

Chances are you’ve heard of antihistamines – medications used to control allergic reactions and allergy symptoms. While a histamine intolerance is not a true food allergy, and not usually considered life threatening, the symptoms can be severe and very uncomfortable. The good news is that this intolerance is treatable, and you can reduce or even reverse it. Listen in as I talk about what a histamine intolerance is, what are the symptoms, and how you can treat it.

Show Notes:

  • Histamine intolerance – what it is and what causes it
  • The symptoms of histamine intolerance?
  • How do you test for histamine intolerance?
  • The three steps of treating histamine intolerance?
  • Why keeping a food journal can be helpful
  • How a low histamine diet can help
  • Supplements for treating histamine intolerance?

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